Tuesday, October 11, 2011

it's about time, i guess!

Hey, Gang! I keep driving around thinking "oo! i should blog that! ... hm ... but what blog does it go on? and when should i write about it? or maybe i should just facebook it... i'm hungry."

(seriously. I'm hungry a lot.)

Verdict? I'm not really ass in the air anymore! I have a wonderful husband, an amazing career, a decorated apartment, fun new training shoes and a lot of really good goals.

So I'm moving my fitness self and my life self BOTH over to www.myzenpulse.com/blog

MyZenPulse won't be my work-only blog anymore (that's over at chromefit.com!) - I'll chart some kick ass goals, report on my stupidly awesome training shoes, put up a few recipes and workouts when I come across something pretty shweaty, and keep you guys updated on shenanigans.

See you there!