About Me

  • I am a 26-year old believer in all things inconceivable (you keep on using that word... I do no think it means what you think it means...) and am using this talent, quirk or otherwise generally interesting trait to guide me through a month or two of selective unemployment dedicated to traveling, marrying the most amazing man on the planet, and moving myself, my soon-to-be husband and my cat from Virginia to California in a minivan and a Toyota Corolla.
  • For the past year and a half, I have been teaching Indoor Cycle and Yoga, kicking booty in the name of fitness, and preaching Holistic nutrition and wellness to the willing (and unwilling) people and clients in my life.  
  • For the past five years, I have practiced yoga of all shapes and sizes, and have settled into a beautifully (mostly) balanced practice of wishing happiness and freedom to all beings including myself through asana and applied grace.
  • I have a fuzzy black kitty and a handsome man who unconditionally love me and support me through ups, downs, and booty-first free-falls.  They are my life lines, my comforts, and my unending source of entertainment.  They will be my partners on the journey and will show up often.