Friday, June 24, 2011

Living Social Napa Wine Tour!

Last Sunday, Lori and I piled on to buses with 50-60 other Bay Area Bargain Hunters and headed up to Napa Valley on a Living Social Adventure!

We started with a soy latte from Blue Bottle Coffee Company (you've seen this before) ...

heaven in a compostable cup.

Then piled on to a bus and headed up to Andretti Winery.

(yes. THAT Andretti...)

It was beautiful. A little piece of Italy just an hour from my apartment :)

After a quick tour, we tasted some fabulous wines

and sat down for lunch over looking the vineyards.

Then we were off to Stag's Leap Wine Cellars.

The wines were so-so ... but the view was amazing!

(so was the view in the cellars. who are THOSE cute girls!?)

Headed back in to the city (read: napped on the bus for an hour) and we just couldn't leave the city without some yummy vegan food!

Enter : The Plant Cafe.

Holy Mother of Kale.

Kombucha and a Plant Burger and open windows with a Bay Breeze blowing in....

I can't wait to make another trip up to wine country and have more than a few hours to sit in the sun and sip on some killer wines. So glad I moved to California...