Friday, November 12, 2010

Day Trip to San Francisco!

Made an oh-so-quick trip up to San Francisco with the in-laws today!

First stop: The Ferry Building for Blue Bottle Coffee and my usual take-home souvenir: Sharffen Berger Blueberry Lavender Tasting Squares!

Then we took the cable cars up to Fisherman's Wharf. I love the creaky, vintage cars with glowing wooden interiors and Air-Stream RV shape.

(I also love men who sport waxed handlebar mustaches, wear hats and carry a cane!)

Made a quick stop at Boudin's for a sourdough fix - the J family loves their bread!

Had just a little taste of the world-famous crusty bread, and spent most of my time wandering around, craving the fun odds-and-ends for the kitchen.

Then we went to Ghiradelli Square before taking the trolley back to Market Street for dinner. The Ghiradelli ladies were giving away Peppermint Bark - I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

A quick dinner at California Pizza Kitchen off Market Street (Split Pea + Barley Soup and White Bean Hummus + Whole Wheat Pita), a decaf coffee + steamed soy milk at Starbucks to ward off the chill while we walked (THANKS, MOM!) and I headed back home to San Jose via BART/Corolla.

Leading a hike tomorrow morning, coffee with a new friend tomorrow afternoon and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a friend tomorrow night!

Don't forget to check out - Great post about rest and recovery!


  1. How many free samples of Peppermint Bark did you get? Did you circle back around 1, 2, 3, 29 times?