Monday, November 22, 2010

A Spirited Vegetarian Weekend!

It's chilly in here! :) If this is winter though, kids... I'll take it! A little hot tea and some fuzzy socks is the perfect remedy for grey skies and a little rain.

(Given that I'm still slightly traumatized by Snowmageddon 2010, I could not be more grateful for our new climate...)

Aside from waiting by the phone for the day's picture of a teensy kitten, I have been digging back in to yoga, learning raw foods (new to me and SO. AWESOME.) hanging with friends and building ZenPulse.


1. Yoga: Joined up at Yoga Belly in Mountain View for a trial months and I'm hooked! Heated power yoga taught by warm, welcoming, energetic instructors. SOLD.

2. Raw Foods: Just when I think food couldn't get any more exciting - Lori walks in! Briefly considered kidnapping her and keeping her in my kitchen after she dropped a raw tuna salad recipe on me, used the words "spirulina" and "dulse" in the same sentence and "threw together" a batch of chocolate macaroons following a kettlebell ladder drill with me yesterday.

Also - the Cafe Gratitude desert cookbook is now temporarily in my possession. I either need to make a lot of friends who like cake or start running distance or my jeans are in trouble...

3. Zen Pulse: If you are ever looking for a way to learn internal validation - start your own business. This has been the biggest challenge and biggest blessing I have every tackled!

I'm planning a hike for Thanksgiving Day, training clients and working on starting boot camps in 2011 while I build a decent website from scratch and blog a few times a day!

4. Friends: Happy Birthday, Emily! Had an awesome time eating yummy food, drinking wine and playing board games with new friends on Saturday. Brian and I can't stop talking about what a blessing it is to have met such great people in such a short time.

Sunday was spent working out with Lori, cooking from my new fave cookbook, eating and cracking my head open on the "ceiling" that slants underneath our staircase. I have a giant lump in my noggin and I was actually unable to read properly for about 20 minutes after impact. 1 point stair case.

SO. Hope you are all having a wonderful Thanksgiving week! Things here are nuts - but would expect anything different from me and the B??


  1. Thanks for sharing this small piece of your life. We are out here. We are looking.

    You eat raw food but also consume fish? Just curious.

  2. Raw "tuna" salad is made with nuts and veggies! ... just tastes like tuna! :) I eat probably 25% raw and the rest of the time vegan/vegetarian. Let me know if you want any more info!