Saturday, November 6, 2010

alive. barely.

Hello, good and faithful readers!

I have emerged from the deep end of the continuing education pool, dripping with all sorts of good information and ready to go collapse on my deck chair in the sun and drink a margarita.

My allegory makes no sense you say?

Reasons this could be the case:

1. I have been in driving rental cars, sleeping in strange beds and eating from the not-so-easily found vegetarian resources of restaurants and/or Target for going-on 8 days.

2. My brain is so full of new smarts and places to find other new smarts that other neural pathways (e.g. literary) seem to have gummed up a bit.

3. I haven't seen my hubby in going-on 8 days.

4. In my quest for new (I just typed "knew") knowledge, I picked 8 hours of "smarts" classes and no hours of "sweats" classes and haven't gotten in a really dirty workout in a few days.
5. I just used the word "dirty" for a workout. A consequence, not an antecedent, but it seems like an appropriate bullet point.

I would like to thank: ACE for an amazing conference, the Baxter family for a place to stay during said conference, and the San Diego Airport for having free WiFi.


  1. I love dirty workouts, margaritas, and Target. Let's switch lives!

  2. Dirty workout... ha! Love it! Those ARE the best!