Monday, November 1, 2010

Austin: Fin

Today was beautiful.

It started with a treasure I found yesterday while driving around

I love the little green guy!

Daily Juice! It was perfection in a little wooden shack. Raw foods/snacks, fresh juice, great music and a really amazing energy of compassionate and clean living.

Barton Springs: Organic carrot, Organic Beet, Organic Celery,
Organic Spinach, Organic Kale, Organic Parsley, Organic Wheatgrass- on the side

Which I took to Zilker Park. I spent some time drinking/digesting my juice along with a beautiful passage of my book on the "messy" stuff in life. It's a life-rocking thought, embracing the "ugly" and sending out to those we love... and even those we don't know...those things that bless us most.

Continued digesting the thoughts and juice with a park workout!
  • 20 min run
  • 2 sets: 15 prisoner squats + 10 pushups
  • 2 sets: 20 traveling curtsy squats + 15 bench dips
  • 2 sets: 20 walking lunges + 20 naked renegade rows
  • 1 set: all of the above back-to-back
  • Nice Long Stretch.
Sweaty Beast.

I walked around the Zilker Park Botanical Gardens for a while. It was really beautiful - all outdoors and there were SO may butterflies!

Then... something I had been looking forward to since I started researching Austin.

I don't consider myself a food photographer/food blogger. But please. please. please. eat at Beet's Cafe if you are in the Austin area. Raw/Vegan menu that was totally world-rocking.

I was given a little taste of their sunshine burger on raw onion flatbread and was so grateful as it was my 2nd choice to my lunch. So glad I got to taste it! and then there was lunch...

(Eggplant "bacon", Lettuce and Tomato: with cashew "mayo" and avocado + raw veggies chips)

This. Was. Epic.

If you haven't tried raw food - don't knock it until you hit up a Raw Foods Cafe like this.

I also ordered a piece of raw, chocolate cheesecake on a date/almond crust. It disappeared very. slowly. and I still didn't manage a picture as I was completely smitten. And full.

It's 6 hours later and I'm just now munching some Tom's Tabooley (their spelling, not mine) and an apple from a great little organic market on South Congress while I work on business website and networking stuff.

Headed out of Austin tomorrow at 6:15 am (*groan*) and then on to Phoenix for a day to hang with sis before the ACE Conference!

Austin has been a much-needed respite of loving friends and personal time (and raw foods and juice!) I feel totally re-charged and ready to take on the next phase of ZenPulse!

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  1. It's all about the food. Yum yum yum YUM! Oh, and the workout. And traveling and exploring. Hell, life, that's what it's all about! LOVE this post. :)