Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Insanity Continues...

  • I got back Saturday night - felt like death.
  • Cleaned like a maniac and hosted Book Club Sunday - felt like death
  • Played Catch-Up on Monday + back/lunge workout - felt a little less like death.
  • Crashed Tuesday - NAP ATTACK! + shoulder/squat workout + yoga class -less like death but insanely Sore.
So that brings us to Wednesday. B's parents get in tonight for a 5-day visit. Can I throw in here how happy I am that I'm not doing 40 hours a week right now?

Random Thoughts This Morning:

1. My living room is still missing a bookcase but I have picture frames hanging over where the bookcase should be. It looks like someone stole the whole thing and left a gaping hole in my feng shui.

2. Can BioFreeze go bad? I'm missing that icy burn...... except for the finger I just stuck in my eye. F*!!!

3. I desperately need my foam roller... It is in the van in the parking lot that is at least 500 steps away. That's 500 reasons to flex my hips and a flight of stairs on the way back. Tangential thought: I had better be a least *this much* closer to those damn pull ups. My lats are so sore it aches to breathe!

4. Steel cut oats with soy milk and walnuts is the bomb.

Congrats to a certain dear friend on some amazing job opportunities/life changes opening up! WOO HOO!


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1 comment:

  1. I'm needing your nap right now. lol This morning's workout was AWESOME.

    200 meter run
    21 squat cleans (70#) <--SO HARD.
    21 plate sit-ups (25# plate)
    15 squat cleans
    15 plate sit-ups
    9 squat cleans
    9 plate sit-ups
    200 meter run

    flounder around trying to catch breath...
    So worth the high though.

    And don't worry, my house is a mess too and I don't have the moving excuse...