Monday, April 25, 2011

How Rude!

1. I laughed at this carrot and waved it at Brian for at least 3.2 minutes yesterday... I am a 12 year old little boy. HOW RUDE!

2. I somehow managed to brute for strength this Henkle table knife IN HALF while slicing ... a piece of soft chevre (goat cheese for the layman.) how RUDE!

3. It's Monday. Again. We just got here, Sunday -- Last a little longer!
(that's what she said) HOW rude!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

All Hail April!

So Far: April wins the 2011 month-of-the-year contest!

Last weekend was full of sunny hiking, cozy book-reading and nail-salon patronizing...

This weekend has been just as wonderful!

Spend yesterday morning teaching Gentle Yoga, Power Yoga and Bridal Boot Camp.

hover squats + band rows... killer!

Spent yesterday afternoon wine tasting in Saratoga!

We had a private tasting at Savannah-Chanelle

A not-so-private (or yummy) tasting at Mountain Winery... but we'll definitely be back for the concerts!

Then did a few tasting rooms in Downtown Saratoga - including Cinnabar.
the booty!

Then wandered downtown Saratoga around with Miss Lori...

until we found sushi!

Spent this morning transforming my apartment from war-zone to cozy home/somewhat-less-chaotic-home-office and have book club this evening with some of my favorite ladies.

Happy April!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

TGI April!

March 2011 is FIRED.

It probably should have been this kind of month

get my crap together and build a meditation practice for the rough patches

But it was this kind of month

Rental Car Key as a wine opener as wine was not optional after the day I'd had and I somehow forgot my travel wine key...

It was intensely sad saying goodbye to Grandma and - in effect - saying goodbye to Grandpa again. As long as she was around, it was like a piece of him was still here.

But we found layers of joy in the sadness.

Like Greek yogurt and BARE FIT Granola parfaits for breakfast in the hotel with hubby and sis:

And a beautiful trip to the Georgia Aquarium with my Aunt and Cousins:

Lion Fishies.

Sister and Me with our heads poking up into the penguin habitat

Sister finding a new boyfriend.

We ended the trip on a really happy note with the the aquarium and Behinanas... then slept the whole way back to the West Coast on our 7 am flight the next morning.

And came home to this.


T.G.I. April!