Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'M BACK! (again)

I got a nice long letter from a dear friend yesterday who very gently asked me...
"Where the *F* did you go!?"

I've been here! And a total blog bum at ChuteAssis because I've been building Finding Your ZenPulse! My business is slowly growing and my stress + joy levels growing right along with it. :)


1. We're not pregnant! Hooray! (although I'm starting to put in a good word for a dog...)

2. We have friends! Had about 6 friends over for the Superbowl to watch the Packers KICK some Steeler ASS and felt so blessed to have built such a fun group of people to surround ourselves with.

WhatRunsLori was there with her new toy... I need one.

3. I joined an awesome book club with a really smart, really fun group of girls as well. We're reading Three Cups of Tea this month and I'll be sure to review it when I'm done with the book! (Book Club is Sunday. Need to finish it soon...)

3. I am SORE. Found an amazing lifting partner and business colleague, so Tuesdays/Wednesdays are usually recovery from Monday's lift. Am teaching spinning Tues through Fri (twice on Wed) and am loving the increase in endurance and power!

4. I am up to about 15 training and teaching hours a week ... up from 3 hours/week in December. We're growing like a weed over at ZenPulse!

5. I made some amazing cookies last week.

6. Last - but not least! - I got a SMART PHONE!

It is smarter than me. I am ok with that.

Love and miss you all!

Please drop me a line, drop by ZenPulse on Facebook or Twitter, or drop it like it's hot! (groan...)

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