Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bay to Breakers 2011!

When a frient (friend-client) asked me to run the 100th Bay to Breakers 10K with her back in March, I thought...

A normal race to kick off my spring/summer training? Brilliant!

A chance to run from the Bay to the Ocean in Beautiful San Francisco? Amazing!

I did not expect to wear a cape...

I did not expect to leap and dart through crowds bigger than the 4th of July on the Capitol Mall.
(yes. seriously.)

I did *NOT* expect this...

(sorry. I had to.)

And I did not know I would have most fun I'd had in a while :D

We spent the night in San Francisco to avoid traffic in the morning, and spent the evening watching No Strings Attached and chowing delicious Thai food in Superman's adorable urban apartment.

Girls' Night Extraordinaire.

The next morning, suitably attired, we struck out to fight crime and fight to the finish!

There were muppets.

and butterflies.

and the most crowded hill I have ever seen.

(darting and leaping was required to keep a jogging pace!)

The event was much tamer than years past, as the usually liberal San Francisco banned all floats and alcohol on the course - but we had a blast!

Only complaints (and you know I always have one or two) :

  • The race was SO big, that it was just poorly organized. Bottlenecks at the end made it next to impossible to just grab a mini protein bar and get the heck out.
  • And the MUNI shuttle (we had pre-paid for) kept filling up at an earlier station, so we stood at a corner, looking amazing in our capes, for 20 min waiting to have our superasses hauled back downtown.

We made up for it at Chevy's with table-side guac, veggie fajitas and a beer the size of my super hero head.


All In All:
A successful day fighting crime and seeing a piece of San Francisco History. 100 Years of Bay-to-Breakers!


  1. Amazing. I am running it with you next year.

  2. Superman doesn't have an adorable urban apartment... that was Batman's apartment. ;) Superman lives on the peninsula near the nerds of Silicon Valley. :)