Monday, May 2, 2011

Best. Weekend. Ever.

About *cough...* years ago, a Dear Friend of mine attended Country Thunder. We arrived Thursday night... planning to go home Thursday night. We got home Monday morning and declared it the

This weekend - I did the grown-up version of BEST WEEKEND EVER!

Miss Lori - the amazingly talented blogger that she is - was selected by FoodBuzz to attend the Pebble Beach Food and Wine Festival! She was given a +1 ... and I was her date!

(If you don't know what this thing is: It's ridiculously swanky. $200 ticket swanky.)

We spent Saturday shopping ($2.50 Tank Tops at Forever XXI ... why YES! I'll be 21 Forever!)

and eating artichokes...

and drinking martinis...

and watching a movie ... um... falling asleep during a movie (see also: drinking)

And Sunday - we awoke, fortified ourselves with a green smoothie and drove to Pebble Beach!

If I haven't mentioned it lately - this part of California is insanely beautiful.

The drive was sunny and warm, the ocean was briny and cold, the avocado stands were advertising 4-for-$1.

After meandering around the Pebble Beach Lodge and Shops (we'd paid our $10 to drive 17 Mile Drive and we were gonna get our money's worth!) ... we took a walk and some photos.

Then : IT Happened. And because I'm a lazy lazy blogger and a very good linker...

Check out the details at What Runs Lori.

Suffice it to say... I was in fish-eating, wine-tasting, beer-drinking, chef-stalking heaven.

If you need more incentive to click over to Lori's recap:

- We have a picture with Chef Morimoto
- A hug from Michael Simon
- Giant Fuzzy Arm Chairs

(no meat was consumed [by me] in the making of this event...)

I cannot say enough about how happy this weekend made me. Came home feeling loved, relaxed and completely at peace.

And SO glad to have amazing friends.

(and luck with a camera. because this is a baller shot I'm about to end with...)

Thanks, Lori!!


  1. I loooooove you! SO MUCH FUN. Thank you for being a partner in foodie crimes with me! Cheers to olives, vodka, ginger beer, and lots-o-wine!

  2. Sounds like an absolute blast!! Love all the photos :)