Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Takin' Care of Business!

Quick update!

1. I'm a Teaching Maniac.

Have skyrocketed from teaching 1 spin class and 1 private yoga class each week, to teaching 5 spin classes and 2 yoga classes each week!

In addition to my "gym" classes, I am teaching at a brand new country club in a beautiful location in the Foothills. The members, staff and facility are a breath of fresh air.

(Goal: Adjust down to 4 spin and 3 yoga. My legs are plotting a coup.)

2. I have a home!

Am now contracted to train out of several corporate gym locations locations in the area. Ain't nobody my boss but me... I just have access to equipment and a roof. :)

This decision took a lot of thought. I was not interested in becoming a staff trainer again, but according to my business plan (see also: best 5 hours spent all year) a lack of physical location was my biggest drawback.

3. Am working with some amazing people and my client base is growing every week!

Someone asked me one day how I get clients without being staff. Answer: "I am just obnoxiously friendly!" Case in point: A passing locker room conversation just turned into a regular client.

I am also in cahoots with an amazing trainer who has offered me the opportunity to subject a few of her clients each week to my own special brand of torture.... ahem... training. It's pretty much awesome.

4. Am planning for growth!

Once I get my clients/classes on a regular schedule, the plan is to start a weekly boot camp in a central location, fill that class to the limit and hire an amazing trainer to begin teaching (you know who you are...) and start another camp closer to my home!


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. To all of you who have supported me. Loved me. And told me to get off my ass and get it done.

It's really happening.

What are your dreams for 2011?

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