Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Big Weekend Ahead!

The last few days have been a bit slower - just finishing up some fun wedding stuff and getting ready for the Bachelorette Party! on Saturday! The S.O.B. (sister of the bride) and my B.F.F. (go figure that one out...) get here tomorrow! SO. EXCITED.

For your daily dose of gratuitous controlled chaos I give you:

Our living room / B's office.

Justen has deemed us "rednecks" and said that if we were "so hard up" that we could have called. Hilaaarious.

Next up: wedding central. My overly organized nature has demanded a system of order to keep me from jumping off our balcony.

So I commandeered a box that B had already filled (yes. I demand it be emptied as it would perfectly fit the vertical document holders AND my cup of colored sharpies) and created this masterpiece. Type A, much?

And Kitty's ever helpful self. Here, she is pictured under the table. Usually, though, she can be found perched in the spot where her blanket used to be where the couch used to be.

She's a creature of napping habit. Who am I to judge?

Had a couple of really awesome workouts the last couple of days, which have done SO much for morale. Treadmill (dag) 5K and shoulders/biceps/quads yesterday. Interval training, back/triceps/hamstrings today. And YOWZA are my abs sore from a few days of really kicking their asses (do abs have asses?)

Whole Foods 5 Day Quick Renewal Cleanse and extra clean eating did not fail me and I feeling really really good! Will be on best "health professional" behavior over weekend of general debauchery and should head into the wedding week feeling light and fit!

We've sold pretty much all the big furniture... just holding out for buyers for our living room tables, dining room table and E.T. (my fond name for our PT 4400 Stairmaster... phone home...) leaving me free and easy for a girls' weekend! Stay tuned for photos and hilarity!

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