Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sharpie-d the To Do List

Last weekend's Milwaukee adventures included:

1. Driving a brand new Mustang Convertible in the Cudahay, Wisconsin 4th of July Parade with a hyperactive DJ in the back seat. (god forgive me, I ran the air conditioning with the top down. black leather is HOT, people!)

2. Twilight Double Feature: New Moon in the Fritts Household Man Cave promptly followed by Eclipse at the swankiest movie theater I have ever been in. They gave us wine glasses and an ice bucket for our Reisling. Check, please!

3. Two Words: Rocky Rococco.

I would like to have a plausible explanation for having no photos, but alas... You get a thousand words instead. (for illustration purposes, here is a photo from Milwaukee-fest 2009)

After neatly writing out my to-do list today, I systematically and with no apologies sharpied the hell out of all tasks completed. Immensely satisfying.

At the end of it all, I sat down to do some scrapbooking and found myself confronted with a former self strikingly similar to my current self. Page for today: October 2005 trip to Washington, DC, just three months before I packed up the Corolla for the first cross-country move.

Maybe it was the Mason Jennings on my iPod. Maybe it's that I'm writing again. But I feel like the old me - the young, carefree, adventuresome, take-no-prisoners 'me' - is back.

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  1. Annie this brought such a smile to my face! I miss you dearly and I hope you are making it out to CALI well. I would love to catch up or see you sometime soon, maybe in AZ or Cali!! (you may have to re visit DC too!)