Monday, July 26, 2010

My bags are packed, I'm ready to go!

(Ok. Bags are almost packed. But who's counting?)

Dropped my gals off at BWI this afternoon after a great morning of great weather in DC. Finally! We have been trying to venture out of the back bedroom (for those just joining: the only room with a wall mounted A/C unit) for 3 days and finally made our way into DC.

A walk up the Mall complete with obligatory "use the landmark as an accessory" photos

And a trip to the National Botanical Gardens and Conservatory which was really relaxing! The outdoor gardens are really beautiful.

Then made our way to Chinatown and had a great lunch at La Tasca! $50 worth of seafood tapas for $25 + gratuity thanks to (Seriously. If you guys haven't tried this website... DO. IT. Sign up for their emails because I certainly bought this $25 gift certificate for $0.86 thanks to an 80% off promo.) Yummy yummy FroYo + berries from TangySweet was then smuggled onto metro.

Took the girls to Baltimore just a few hours ago and have since been frantically packing. Just remembered to breathe thanks to Amy at Amy Vs Wild who kindly reminded me to continue filling my lungs with oxygen.

Wedding Dress: packed.
Wedding Shoes: packed.
10 Battery-Powered Paper Lanterns that I should have shipped 2 weeks ago: ummmm....

Off to make Brian a sandwich.

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