Sunday, July 25, 2010

Not stranded on the roof...

Bachelorette Party = Best. Night. Ever.

(No photos posted means no evidence on the cyber web. Use your imaginations.)

Number of guests: anywhere between 3 and 8
Number of brightly blinking and/or sequined bachelorette items affixed to my clothing: 4
Number of noise complaints filed: 3
Number of events that shall never see the light of blog: quite a few :)

Can I say more? Except that I was still able to fit in an hour workout this morning? Twisted= Maybe. Day-Long Hangover= Nope. Score one for sweating it out.

Went to see Salt (let's hear it for $6 matinees!) and quite enjoyed it (and the air conditioned theater...) but let me just say to you, military men. When I've just watched a movie about Russian Sleeper Agents blowing things up... don't walk quickly with your matching camo back packs.

I'm naturally jumpy, a bit overtired and extraordinarily over-caffeinated from the "small" Diet Coke I just consumed. Makes for a very vivid imagination.

The sis, bestie and I spent the rest of the day being fabulously productive. We graced 2 air mattresses in the bedroom that has a wall-mounted A/C unit and watched more movies, slugged water and slept.

First class accommodations at the "oh my god, we sold all our furniture and i have guests coming" hotel. Trader Joe's boxed Mac'N'Cheese for a snack, anyone? Who needs the Ritz?

A total of at least 7 minutes in tears over an overwhelming number of tiny details aside... We're rocking and rolling toward the Big Day on Friday! Sis and Bestie leave tomorrow afternoon, then we're packing up Kitty and heading to AZ!

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