Monday, July 19, 2010

By Special Request

Big shout out to my newest follower: Hey, Mom!

A very dear and very far friend of mine has requested that I report on what is actually going on in my life... apparently photos of the chaos that is my apartment ain't gonna hack it.


Here is what's going on in my life: a whole lotta stress-crazed bride lovin' !!!

(and if you were wondering: correct! that IS the headboard to my bed leaning against the wall behind the foot of my bed)

I spent my morning frantically texting my Farrah Fawcett-coiffed Buddah when stress levels reached critical max and left me laying on my newly de-couched living room floor with my knees tucked up to my chest and my arm flung dramatically over my eyes. (In a subsequent conversation with another very wise friend, it was determined from common experience that perhaps moving more than 1 state away in the same month that one gets married may not be advisable...)

I spent my afternoon running errands and enjoying a deliriously happy hour a Starbucks, enjoying dried cherries and a Passion Iced tea in this:

My adult sippy cup
see also: the best $10 I have ever spent at Target

A trip to the gym for a sweaty non-drug-related high, a ginormous salad and all was right with the world.

(Side note: Because I am a masochist, I am also currently executing Whole Foods finest "Quick Renewal 5 Day Cleanse" Diet not varying too different from my usual... but hard alcohol is calling my name, people. And Stevia-sweetened Organic 100% Cranberry Juice mixed with water - albeit in a kick ass sippy cup - ain't hackin' it.)

A quick final note before I sleep...Spent some time last night (this morning? 1 am?) reading about Ahimsa. A Hindi/Sanskrit term for non-violence, Ahimsa means a lot more than not hitting the Jackwagon next to you. It means not calling him a Jackwagon. It means checking your attitude at the door so that you do not cause harm to others - even if that harm is a nasty look. It means being brave enough to not lash out defensively. And you know what, loyal followers? I've got some work to do.

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  1. Annnnnddddd...cute chassis. Heh.
    Farrah Coiffed Buddha (Higher Whatever forbid I should end like her)