Friday, December 31, 2010

Cruise - Day 3


Skipped my workout on day 3 as we got in to port at 7 am and were breakfasted and off the boat by 9 am.

Pulling in to port in Cabo revealed craggy rocks and ocean vistas... Mazatlan was a little different. From the balcony of the parent's cabin, we could see the Corona/Pacifica Brewery and a lot of city.

The cruise ship from the top of a hill in our little cab!

We all piled into a cab and took off for a tour of the city! Honestly - it was not my favorite stop.

The city was overwhelmingly poor and I had a rather saddening sense of making a vacation spot out of other people's poverty.

The scenery from the city definitely beautiful, though and I got to use my mad Espanol skills (courtesy of Mr. Joe Bennett) with cabbie Ruben. Amy would be so proud...

My finest moment?

B asked Ruben whether they had earthquakes and poor Ruben's english gave out. "Que dice?" (what did he say?) I replied:

"uuuhhhh.... el quiere saber si tienes.... uhhhh... movimiento de la tierra?" (uhhhh... he wants to know if you have... uhhh... earth movements.)

We stopped at a lighthouse that had the city's first cannon.


And an iguana named Wanda.

(the guy laughed when I told him "Mi hermana tiene un iguana que se llama "Bowser")

A lizard named Wanda.

Ruben dropped us off in the Golden Zone with a promise to return in 2 hours to take us back to the ship. We made good use of the time.

Lobster platters for the fam! ($13)

Margaritas and guacamole for me!

On the way back, we stopped at the Dolphin Memorial and watched a guy jump from a retardedly high tower into a very small space between the rocks.

(was too amazed to remember the camera in my hand.)

We headed back to the ship - feeling a bit ... borracho... from the margaritas and spent the rest of the waning afternoon the sun deck - looking out over the jungle and reading books. (and sleeping off the margaritas.)

Apparently, it was "Italian" night in the dining room that evening. Vegetarian meal option was sub par... 200 + waiters primarily from the east Indies singing an italian love song was priceless.

Tomorrow: Puerta Vallarta!

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