Friday, December 10, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... in D.C.

Apparently D.C. got their first snow, according to this morning's Facebook reports. Me? I have little stuffed snowmen scattered about my apartment and some snowflake lights around our door.

It's 55 degrees and rainy outside. Merry Christmas!!! :)

Recap of the last week: Loony tunes.

  • Half Moon Bay! Brian and I went up to San Francisco to pick up a few things, and drove down Route 1. It was stormy and ominous and beautiful.
  • We stopped at a place called Barbara's Fish Trap for dinner (try eating vegan in a place like that... I dare you...) and found this lovely guy hanging out.
He looked perturbed by either the weather...
or by the tattoo that could be a turn off to the lady fishes...

  • Hot Yoga-d. Cleaned. Laundro-Mat-ed. Trained.
  • Seriously. I'm wondering if Monday actually happened, except that I'm quite sure my client is military pressing 18# kettlebells on her first try. Baller.
New toys.
  • Taught 6 a.m. Power Yoga @ Golds. Worked out. Worked at Starbucks while a creeper next to me coded avatar porn on virtual world. (I wish I was kidding.)
  • Attempted to attend Kickboxing with the fabulous Lori. Was thwarted by a schedule change and opted for Whole Foods cafe while this sunset happened.
  • Taught a wonderful yoga class for some wonderful ladies in San Jose.
  • Power Yoga-d. Fought with Google AdSense. Taught Spin @ Golds.
  • Attended a mixer with a friend and decided that drive-by networking sucks. We made sweet potato latkes instead after making at trek to Ross for a box grater.
photo stolen shamelessly from her facebook page...

  • Awoke to a pounding headache and spent my morning on the couch doing NOTHING.
  • Spent my afternoon with Lori @ the Whole Foods cafe (anyone see a pattern emerging?) and watching Tangled. SO CUTE!
  • On an unrelated note, I have added a Chameleon in my updated letter to Santa.
  • That brings us to today! My lungs are staging some kind of revolt. Sister has told them to step up. I am begging them to do just that before I lead a hike tomorrow morning...
Am promising more regular posting this coming week! I miss you all terribly and will pay you for comments. Seriously.

Then go comment here. I won't pay you for those comments - but you'll at least get a fitness tip in return.....

Happy Christ-ma-hanna-kwanza-ka! (sp?) I'm not freezing my ass off!


  1. Sooooo many great things going on in this post! Tangled was AWESOME! Those potato latkes look amazing!
    Congrats on all your yoga/spin/Gold's biz stuff you're doing! ;)