Thursday, December 30, 2010

we interrupt this program...

We interrupt this program to bring you an important update on the current state of the union (or: 2010 goes out with a bang)

1. After a not-so-much-sleep night, yesterday I was almost late to my 6:30 am spin class as the car was almost out of gas. Not my favorite way start a day.

2. Managed to swing home for a quick nap... but the house was 20 degrees below zero (as measured by desert lizard heat standards) and sleep was not an option despite fire, heating pad and innumerable blankets.

3. When I showed up to my 2nd spin class 15 minutes early, I panicked as my iPod wasn't in my backpack.

Not to worry! I have a back up CD! Which choked after the first song.

So I taught the class with my OTHER back up CD... which happened to be power yoga. At least I didn't sing.

4. Thank god I got to go home and take a hot shower!

Where I promptly flayed my shin while shaving (thank god no sharks live in my tub which doesn't drain and looked like a scene from Jaws.)

I then tore a frightening amount of hair out when my brush caught on a tangle.

B got up at noon (yes. noon. yes I was up at 5:30 am.) and put me on the couch with a mug of peppermint tea and Young Victoria on Netflix so that he could go for a run without fearing for my safety.

Despite his efforts, foul mood brought on my morning madness lasted through bed time.

I'm happy to report: today was much better.

iPod was at the Country Club (in the iPod dock where I had left it) waiting for my 9:30 spin class and I ran to Golds after to work on Kettlebell Military Presses and Pull Ups!

Made a spice "cake" which Brian only ate after I doused his in cinnamon-orange powdered sugar glaze. Apparently whole wheat flour, flax egg-replacement, stevia and pumpkin does not a fluffy cake make?

Got the upstairs office under control and tackled most of the laundry mountain - and brought you this lovely update!

You will now (well... tomorrow) be returned to your regularly scheduled Christmas vacation recap.

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