Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cruise - Day 1 and 2!

Hello and almost Happy New Year!

This week: Recapping our Christmas vacation as I plow through 4 spin classes, business accounting, waiting for the Mountain View City Hall to open so I can get my business license (CLOSED!? Dec 24-Jan 3!?) and getting myself ready for 2011!

SO - without further ado...

B's wonderful family took us on a cruise to the Mexican Riviera for Christmas this year.

A cruise virgin... I found it all stupid exciting (especially the fitness center!) I didn't take nearly enough photos, but loved every minute of it.

We left from San Pedro - Los Angeles on Sunday... It was rainy and nasty - but we were looking forward to sunnier weather!
San Pedro Dock

Poked around a bit that evening, goofed off and did PUB QUIZ! at the Piano Bar...

We lost by 3 points - but I'm giving myself bonus points for remembering that the legendary founders of Rome were Romulus and Remus and for inappropriate and hilarious photos of ... well.. you get it.

First day of cruising (Monday) was spent:
  • Investigating the Ship
  • Eating.
  • Climbing the Rock Wall
  • Hitting up the Fitness Center for a dirty sweaty workout
  • Eating.
  • Reading my book, curled up on a lounge chair!
  • Eating.
  • Watching a terrible comedian
  • Watching other people eat...
Quite relaxing and all around very happy!

Day 2 was Cabo San Lucas!

We put in to port at about 10 am and - after a brutal workout and yummy breakfast of oatmeal with dates and walnuts - we piled off the boat to check out the beach!

We had beers at the Mango Deck Laid around and watched a glass bottom boat nearly capsize (were too stunned to take photos, but imagine three guys bailing water out with a large cooler while a terrified tourist in a life jacket is man handled into another glass bottom boat.

Apparently this first boat capsizing wasn't going to stop HER from her tour!)

In other news... a college aged couple was given free margaritas for trading swimsuit bottoms in less than 30 seconds while being pummeled by waves.

Dude did not get her bikini bottoms on "all the way" before exiting the surf and I saw ... ahem... a lot.

15 minutes later, a girl jumped rope sans bikini top for a free shot of tequila.

Other than that: Cabo was beautiful.

Dinner was fancy shmancy that night!

and entertainment for the evening was a ventriloquist. Kinda creepy.

And even creepier that B has taken a fancy to the craft...


Day 3... Mazatlan! Coming up tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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