Saturday, December 18, 2010


That's "vacation" in Spanish - As la Navidad will be spent soaking up some sun!

(There's a flag on the play - garbage disposal backed up smelly black water into our kitchen sink at T-Minus 1 hour to Departure - but the maintenance man is doing his thang as I type.)

Other exciting events this week:
  • Locking my keys in my car 5 minutes before a kickboxing class while it's raining and cold.
  • Said kickboxing class scaring the sh*t out of me. - I can honestly say I have never been allowed to put on gloves and wail on something the size of a human while a big man yells at me.
  • Me realizing that I REALLY need to take pictures of this kind of thing for this blog or you will all probably give up on me...
  • Finding a two-for-one Mystic Tan coupon and obtaining said melanoma-free color without incident.
In any event - I didn't have the a) time b) presence of mind or c) mental capacity to get guest posters for BOTH of my blogs... so run by and check out Zen Pulse for your fun fix this week!

Featuring: Recipes, workouts and possessed dolls!

I PROMISE to take lots of pictures while we're away. I can't tell you guys how much I need this vacation. While a blessing, this has been one of the most difficult months in my *ahem* twenty.....three years.


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