Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to School... Back to school...

(crikey! it's been 4 days! bad blogger! most post more regularly...
how else am i going to turn myself into the anti-michelle malkin!?)

There's a little bite in the morning air, the bumble-bee blur of yellow school buses and the smell of fresh plastic in the form of Dora the Explorer backpacks. School's in, kids.

No brand new pencils for me (those cost money... something in tight supply around here), but here are a few things I learned on my summer vacation:

1. Sisters and Friends are worth their weight in Gold.

Sisters who are friends are priceless.

2. Weddings are stressful.

Getting married is blissfully, tear-jerkingly, beautiful.

3. DC to CA is a long. friggin. drive.

But there is a heck of a lot of cool (and weird) stuff in this country of ours.

4. A mattress is a highly under-appreciated piece of furniture.

*No words nor pictures can describe

Sleep soundly on it!

4. When Love hands you the chance to start over. Take it.

It won't always offer twice.

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