Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's Settled.

I think we can call ourselves officially 'settled in' as yesterday, I unpacked the last of the boxes (not counting the boxes of Brian's miscellaneous electronics and "tech stock" which were unceremoniously stacked in the loft closet)... Starting over: I unpacked the last of the boxes of books, home goods and things that make sense to me.

Our books are on shelves.

My fall decor has been rescued from storage.

The things that make me happiest are hanging on the walls.

Really, our only outstanding items are a TV for watching reruns of the X Files on NetFlix.

theoretically being procured from my good friend Craig and his List tonight

And a couch upon which to curl myself up while watching said episodes, reading Jack Kerouac and writing to all of you lovelies.

theoretically being picked up at Discount Furniture Extravaganza of Wonder Store this week

In other news:

  • I have a new favie blog with which to distract myself from all things productive: Lessons of Love. Read and pee pants. Simple, really.

  • I woke up this morning at 11:02 (what!?) after sleeping for 1o.5 hours (seriously... who am I?) The last week has been exhausting. I have some pretty amazing news to share in the upcoming weeks, and the work load to has been more than I anticipated.

  • Once we managed to get moving, B and I hiked the Rancho San Antonio Wildcat Trail Loop today for time. It's about 4 miles to the trail and around the loop with a pretty steep jump in elevation at from about mile 2-3 and rolling hills from there. Housed it in 1.1 hours.

A new development I can share is that starting in October, I will be leading a series of cardio hikes around the Silicon Valley on Saturday mornings. I am so stoked to get back into the business of making people sweat! This was a "prep hike" for that series and these people are in for a workout. Which I'm sure all my former DC clients will find a huge shock...

All that and a shower accomplished today... here is the rest of my evening:

organic whole grain bread, olive oil + balsamic,
blob of organic homemade pesto, glass of cab courtesy of Meg and Misty,
Beatnik literature. heaven on a tiny table.


PS: Amy has almost 40 followers. I have 13. Ok. So life threatening swims in jungle rivers are more exciting than my glass of wine... but as we settle in to our new life and things aren't nearly as entertaining in these parts, what would you all like to see?

Recipes? My workouts? B's stupid quotes?

Por ejemplo: Exchange of the night last night as we walked to Mountain View to stare longingly at people who can afford to eat out --

So, can I discount our romantic* life from our taxes if I start my own business?
B: I think the IRS would say that my romance* isn't worth much.
Me: How would they know?
The IRS has been f*ing me for years.
Ba dun, dun....

*language changed to keep the blog PG

But seriously, loyal readers. What would you like to read more of?

Off to read and booze and make merry before the work (heh) week starts!


  1. You know me - recipes! Workouts, too. I enjoy just reading about your new life, Anne. Sooooooooo happy for you! I'll be sending a little package to you soon.

  2. i love your blog and there is not a thing i would change about it... except for there to be more of it!

  3. recipes: check!
    more blogging: check!