Thursday, September 9, 2010

Of the WednesDay...

Text of the Day:

"You're lucky your head didn't explode!"


Wedding Gift of the Day:

Le Creuset arrived in the mail! Thank you Wagners/Agnews!!

Unintended Pun of the Day:

Anne: "Mom got a promotion..."
Brian: "To Head Shrink?"

Home Depot Purchase of the Day:

Mums! Pumpkins to be purchased at Farmers Market to complete...

X Files Season I Quote of the Day:
"We're either genius or expendable..."

The Challenge of the Day came when I unwittingly walked into a 45 minute group meditation. 45 minutes. Of silent meditation. For those of you unfamiliar with meditation, it is a process of drawing inward, ceasing to rely on external stimuli to create impressions of Self, and being still enough to recognize and experience the Spirit. In short: hang out with what makes you You.

Bootcamp ain't nothing compared to spending that much time alone in your heart of hearts.

And despite the tendency of my mind to either a: go running for logical/day planning cover or b: fall asleep, the gentle process of guiding it back to a place of peace was uplifting and left me with a vivid quiet.

If you pray but don't meditate... Take the challenge try 5 minutes or 10 minutes. See what is on the other side of the 'phone line.' Listening can be your Powerful Choice of the Day.

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