Thursday, September 2, 2010

Coffee and Controlled Chaos

I begin with a quick word of advice.

Go buy World Market's Seasonal Pumpkin Spice Coffee. Then French Press. This may just be the answer to World Peace and the key to personal Enlightenment.

Now that we have that out of the way...

After a few days of complete chaos and ensuing cheap wine consumption (*sheepish grin*)... we are starting to feel a bit more settled in. We bought a mattress yesterday that will be delivered Tuesday!!

My latest successes:

1. Solid wood computer desk: $10 + 20 min of light sanding and polishing

2. Comfy Chair for Brian: $15 + new $15 cushion + 20 min cleaning

3. A cute/functional set up for my tiny kitchen space: 20 min of teeth gnashing

4. A nearly-finished spa bathroom: $35 at World Market + fave faux orchids

5. Hutch to make up for NO cabinets in kitchen: $50 + fun craft project!

I there is also a hutch for the top, which we are using as a bookshelf, but we bought this country living monstrosity last night to end my cries of "No one told me the hood fan took up that whole cabinet! Where on EARTH will my Pasta Maker, Cast Iron Dutch Oven, Specialty Cake Pans (you get the picture) go!?"

The hearts and hardware are *awful* ... enter my new crafting streak! I'll post an after pic when I get it finished, but images of anthropologie door handles and funky damask fabric are dancing in my head!

In other news: So, two newlyweds walk into a furniture store. One newlywed says, "Look! The perfect couch!" I wish there was a funny punchline to this...

A wants overstuffed white fluffy reading nest. B wants black leather man cave throne. A&B have been sleeping on hotel beds and air mattresses for 6 weeks and could use a wee bit more REM. I'll let you use your imagination for the rest.

A few errands and a hiking expedition this afternoon... then resuming the couch search in the hopes that Labor Day weekend sales will mean an end to our hunt! Love and miss you all!


  1. And about the hutch I say, "gak." I await Anthropologie nirvana. You are an anchor of happiness in my life.

  2. I want pumkin spiced coffee, that sounds delightful. mmmmm....