Tuesday, September 14, 2010

over the hump

it's a sign that things have slowed down when i have nothing more exciting to blog about for a few days than the fact that a large member of the gourd family spattered its innards all over my microwave.

clearly, we're past the hump.

in addition to killing vegetables in horrific ways and unpacking the last few boxes i have:

  • had great meetings to talk about fitness and opportunities
  • done two (count them, TWO!) social lunch and/or happy hour MeetUps
  • plundered the sunnyvale library
  • refrained from plundering the san jose municipal rose garden
  • found my workout groove
  • written. a lot. of... um... well. i've written. let's leave it there for my pride's sake
  • read too many blogs
  • received pro photos on CD from the photographer (who was so kind when i emailed to ask where it was when i had never given him our new address after asking him to wait for it...) and WILL have them available by the end of the week. promise. by friday. cross my heart and kiss my elbow. (Breakfast at Tiffany's reference #2 if you're counting)
  • slept. a lot. it is a beautiful thing.


more exciting things to come. starting with the California DMV tomorrow. Eek!

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