Friday, October 29, 2010

Austin: Part 1

Today has been fabulous, quite honestly.

Even with U.S. Airways booking me on a flight to Austin from Phoenix that boarded at the same time my flight from San Jose landed. At a gate at least a mile away. Cardio: Part 1.

Fortunately, I am cheap... ahem... a planner and had packed a vegan protein cookie, an apple and a water bottle for lunch. Munched it happily while cozied up in the Red Bull can that flew us from Phoenix to Austin and started in on this. (I am hosting a book club the day after I get back from my adventure! How literary, right!?)

Landed in Austin and rented myself a car! It's adorable and red and the first car I've rented since I came of "car rental age." I passed 21... a few years ago...and thought I was all out of coming-of-age milestones. NOPE! Driving out of the Budget car rental lot in my little red Honda gave me that "Woo Hoo! I'm an adult!" feeling all over again. *giggle*

Because I am (again) a planner, I had the address for the nearest Golds Gym in my itinerary, and it felt SO. GOOD. to sweat after being cooped up in a plane all day.

3 sets:
24# Kettlebell Thrusters x 10 R / 10 L
10 Pushups

24# Kettlebell Wood Chopper Lunges x 10 R / 10 L
BOSU Twisted Mountain Climbers

40 # Cable Tricep Press x 15
10# Cable Lateral Shoulder Raise x 10

20 lazy-ish minutes on the Arc trainer for the sake of stretching my legs while "reading" Seinfeld on the closed captioned TVs and it was time to shower and hit up 6th Street!

Remember that "coming of age" thing? I feel old :) Somehow "Free Cover! Flaming Doctor Peppers and Jager Bombers for $3!" just didn't grip me like it used to.

I opted for El Sol y La Luna for Tofu Tacos and a Negro Modelo instead. They had a great Mariachi band playing and - for the first time, really - I really enjoyed Mariachi. The pizzacato violins and bubbly baseline was happy, rather than just blaring. It was a great chance to apply the "100%" practice. No book. No cell phone. No busywork. Just sat and ate and drank and watched the lights on the bar change from soft red to blue to white, listened to the band and let my thoughts wander through my delicious tofu tacos.

Settled in to Starbucks for some online business development/networking and a Decaf Soy Misto before E&J come in ... then it's down to Kyle for Katie's wedding!


  1. I think all of your planning ahead is why we are friends. There is a great little Golds Gym downtown, which may be the exact same one you hit up! If you're craving great Tex Mex, go to Matt's. Fish tacos to die for!

    Have a great time in Austin!

  2. Awwww... I play violin with the mariachi from El Sol y La Luna. I'm glad you enjoyed it! =)