Wednesday, October 20, 2010

hallelujah, praise kale.

Attitude Yesterday: Passed the practice exam and "I am a kick-ass personal trainer with enough kung fu to pass all kinds of test!"

Today: My perfectionism got the best of my optimism and I'm in total cramming mode.
  • My living room looks like my college studio apartment + nicer furniture.
  • I dumped organic sloppy joe seasoning and a can of tomatoes on some cooked lentils, added some broccoli as a side dish and called it dinner.
  • I actually "used up" a highlighter today. It bleeds yellow no more...
  • Last night's dreams (nightmares?): An inability to do basic percentages in an applied anthropomorphic calculation while people made fun of me for being fat. (Seriously!? Enough already, Psyche. I get it!)
  • Today's nap dreams (nightmare?): I forgot to feed my cat and found her emaciated and pitifully meowing in my apartment... which was overrun with ants because I hadn't cleaned in so long. (Ambien, anyone?)
  • B has retreated to the bat cave and will only come down for vegan cookie dough.
So why, asks Amy, am I not neck deep in a bottle of red wine right now?
  • I have raw/vegan restaurant extravaganza planned tomorrow night with this gal.
  • Exam is over in 36 hours.
Hallelujah. Praise Kale.(source)


  1. Yay for tonight! And Yay for the practice test going well! You will pass... and with flying colors... of yellow, if it must be!

    You know you're shit girlie! I can feel it!

    See you tonight!!

  2. I don't even know what anthromorphic calculations are!! They sound like a nightmare. Maybe you should go back on the bottle to prevent this ridiculous dreams! :)