Friday, October 1, 2010

Door to Door in less than 4!

Remember my last post where I said I left my camera at home?
Yeah... you get a thousand words rather than pictures today.
Read happy.

It took me 4 hours to get from my apartment to my best friend's house yesterday!

A trip that used to encompass at least 2 hours of airport waiting, 5-7 hours of flying with an hour layover, and a 2-3 hour time difference is now: wake up, write blog post using free internet at SJC, fly, eat authentic mexican food for lunch with bestie.


Spent last night hanging with E & J, sis and my doggie nephew.

We ate Chana Masala (courtesy of Eat, Live, Run) and "tandoori" chicken (comment if you want the recipe), drank a couple bottles of fabulous red wine, had some great chocolate and watched The Lovely Bones. Best. Night. Ever.

Sis and I then attempted to watch a 2nd movie, but Mel Gibson was no match for too little sleep the night before and a couple glasses of red wine. Zzz...

After being thoroughly disappointed with the rest of Mel's latest cinematic achievement this morning, we went to the gym (do as I do below), chowed monster salads at Sweet Tomatoes and headed home to take a nap.

It is such a huge blessing to hang with my sis with no "oh my gosh, i'm only here for three days and I won't be back for another 6 months because i can't afford another 2 days of travel and $400" hanging over my head! It's just relaxed and sweet.

Up to Camp Verde for Kate the Great's Wedding tomorrow! Then Turner Football Sunday, dinner with the Mom and Hiking Squaw Peak to follow before I head back to Cali. Woo Hoo!


Workout 'o' The Day

this one doesn't even require a gym: just do without the BOSU,
run hills instead of ellipticizing and hit up the bleachers instead of the stairmill

20 min elliptical: your program of choice, resistance level 10

3 sets:

15 BOSU prisoner squats*

15 BOSU push ups (flat side)

30 BOSU oblique crunches

3 sets:

20 BOSU lunges, alternating

20 BOSU tricep dips**

30 second BOSU plank (round side)

3 sets:

15 stability ball glute bridges

25 double crunches

20 min Stairmill: level 7, alternating btwn single and double steps

*for a prisoner squat, interlace your fingers behind your head and open your chest as wide as possible while performing a squat to 90-degrees. Keep your back muscles active and your abs on.

**extend your legs for added difficulty, but make sure your butt scrapes the BOSU behind you - no floating!

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