Monday, October 25, 2010

Travelin' Fool!

The weekend was dreary and rainy and cold. And wonderful.

Saturday: Led a wonderful hike with a great group of people up Rhus Ridge. Promised one big hill. Delivered two. I aim to please. Followed it up with a trip to an awesome produce stand. Local. Organic. A whole bag of it. $12.

Sunday: nada. zip. zilch. a whole day of book reading, meditating, tea-drinking, movie-watching nothin' Oh. and I made an Indian food feast. Samosas with dipping sauce. Channa Masala. Dahl. Brown Rice. Yummy dinner with a yummy husband. :) A quick, 30-minute session on the Spin Bike at the apartment gym and it was off to bed!

Just one of those weekends that makes you happy to be alive.

Monday: Whew! What a day. Headed out this morning for a walk at the Stanford Dish with a new friend (hooray, Emily!) and did about an hour of rolling hills. Felt bomb. Ran to IKEA to pick up a footstool cushion. Left with a footstool cushion and snowflake string lights. (what!? who goes to IKEA and buys one thing?)

Picked up a prescription and bananas (I swear the hubs is a monkey with all those bananas...) and got a phone call. One I thought wasn't coming. A volunteer spot at the ACE Fitness and Health Symposium opened up!

SO. Not only am I going to the nuptials of Katie and Casey with E&J... I'll be coming back through Phoenix, hanging with the sis for a one-night layover, then jetting to San Diego for a 3-day conference at the San Diego Hilton Spa and Resort!!!

Life is good.

Now. Back to business administration and networking lead follow up...

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  1. Oh my gosh! Congrats!!! I'm incredibly jealous right now... what are you going to be doing at the ACE thing? Just volunteering? Who cares, that's awesome!