Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wild Turkey, Deep Gultch, and Moosewood!

(that title sounds like a hunting guide... or a couple brands of cheap whiskey)

Was welcomed by these guys to Saturday morning!

Get outta the road, ya turkeys!

Hiked up this:

Then realized there was still this to climb:

(OK. It doesn't look that steep, but take my word on this one.)

It was a beautiful, crisp, sunny morning and no better way to start it out than with a heart-thumping hike up the Deep Gultch Trail at Almaden Quicksilver County Park. It takes you to the top of this magnificent hill that over looks the valley, which was shrouded in clouds yesterday, and just me, my hiking partner and the hills on the other side of the valley made it up past the clouds. It was surreal.

I rewarded myself with a skinny vanilla latte before heading to the Farmer's Market and after months of a funds-induced Starbucks drought... it was heaven in my hands!

Some studying for my ACE exam next Friday (note to self: when they send you two text books... don't put one away and forget about it) and I decided I needed a break. So B and I walked to the library.

Living within walking distance of a library might just be the best thing about my life right now. 30 min of walking in the brisk, fall air past white fences covered in bougainvillea. 30 minutes of wandering through towering stacks of books, inhaling paper and untold stories. 30 minutes of holding my hubby's hand and laughing on the way home. Probably the best hour and a half I've spent all week.

(I realized after about 2 minutes of walking around, looking for my one-per-trip trashy novel, that three of the books in my hands - including the biography I had grabbed - were about food. Hmmm...)

At about 10:00 last night, I just couldn't stand it anymore and made Spiced Chocolate Chunk Cookies from Eat, Drink and Be Vegan. I made a half batch... and woke up to find that only one lonely soul had made it through the late night computings of my husband.

What's in them: Whole Wheat. 72% Dark Chocolate. Olive Oil.
What's Not: Refined sugar. Eggs. Crap.

And he says he doesn't eat Vegan...

Speaking of making it through the night: I woke up this morning, tossing and turning and all kinds of mad that I was wide awake at 2 am. "What the hell!?" thought I, blaming a spiced chocolate chunk cookie sugar high. But I got up, determined to read myself back to sleep with a trashy novel.

Then realized it was 6:45 am. And the sun wasn't up.


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  1. I LOVE quicksilver hikes! It's so beautiful... although there is some AMAZING hiking all over this area!

    I must buy that book and make those cookies... they sound great! I'm always in search for really good vegan or at least gluten free cookies... :)