Friday, October 22, 2010


Serendipity is one of my favorite words. Being fortunate enough to unexpectedly find something amazing that was "meant to be" is pretty much the story of my life.

(Non existential reasons i like the word: it has been ranked as one of the 10 hardest english words to translate. it makes me think of giant ice cream sundaes. "serendipitous" is fun to say.)

Case in Point(s):
  • I moved to D.C. to find a job in politics: I found a husband and a passion for fitness.
  • Someone ELSE went to New Orleans: I found a friend! (Thanks, Jeanina!)

Met up with Lori of What Runs Lori at Cafe Gratitude in the WORLDS.BIGGEST. Whole Foods* last night!

Girl kicks some serious ass! A cross-fitting, raw-(un)cooking power house of an athlete with a super sweet spirit. Hooray for new friends who eat and work out like me!

I have every intention of raiding her brain over the next few weeks as she's got mad raw/vegan (un)cooking skills. In the mean time: Go get you some raw fudge recipes today.

(*Seriously. Remember the movie about the girl who lives in Walmart? I actually considered hiding in Cupertino Whole Foods bathroom until closing.

They have blankets, clothes, lavender scented everything and toilet paper. Oh. And food. I would be totally set. Also: Cafe Gratitude. Eat there. Today if not sooner. And go check out Lori's blog before that!

In other serendipity news: there was a huge, double rainbow on my way to the exam today. I briefly considered taking a photo out the window, but instead had to cross 3 lanes of traffic to take the ramp to the 101 that I almost missed. Priorities...

Workout at Golds and now - after a celebratory lunch of veggie fajitas Fiesta del Mar Too, I'm going to cuddle up on my couch (which I still have a great amount of appreciation for) and veg out before cleaning my apartment.


  • if you were wondering - you doubted me?! - i passed.
  • if you don't know the story - you haven't been reading?! - i re-certified through ACE as it's a more highly accredited organization, they take a broader range of CEC's and (frankly) i like them better.


  1. Hey Anne :)

    I just found your blog through Lori's. I noticed that you are a fitness instructor/trainer/nutrition professional. I am REALLY interested in all of that, so I am asking: how did you do it? Where did you go to get the training, or schooling? I am currently a freshman at a liberal arts college in Indiana. I am planning on majoring in Psych, but my true love is all things fitness and health-related. I really want to get into the instructing/nutritional thing. So, I am asking you for advice! :)

    You can reply to me at my email:

    Or, visit my blog at

    Thank you soooo much!


  2. Thanks for the shout-out and the kind words! I'm SO GLAD that someone else when to New Orleans (well, and that I got to go to!) and now I have a new friend, too! (I'm totally self centered like that.. lol).

    Anyway, you rock! I'm so happy you passed your exam- like you wouldn't- and that we can chat vegan/raw/veg from now on!