Sunday, October 3, 2010

Home and Back Again.

God, Auntie! Take a shower before you pick me up and snuggle me post-gym!

I will say again (for probably the billionth time this weekend) how much I love living this close to the ol' home state of Arizona. My best friends are there and, despite how much I love Cali, my heart is there.

(all photos courtesy of La's Droid as I brilliantly forgot my camera...)

Saturday was Kate the Great's Wedding! Congrats, Lady!


We couldn't stay in the Verde Valley long and had to leave the par-tay a little earlier than planned, but made up for it by carving pumpkins later! We cooked a quick dinner, busted out the Leinikugel's Oktoberfest, watched an episode or three of Arrested Development, then created these little beauties.

(La's is the beautiful, freehand Cardinal's logo!)

(My happy dragonfly-turned-butterfly. I overestimated my knife skills...)

Sunday was Turner Football Sunday. Cardinals lost. Badly. They don't want to talk about it. But a missing Bearded Dragon Lizard by the name of Bowser was recovered that morning after a very tense night and there was much rejoicing! Had pedis and dinner with the mom, then snuggled with this li'l punkin.

Saw "You Again" with the best-ie yesterday after a really healthful lunch of a Del Taco Veggieworks Burrito sans onions and cheese... (I still don't feel good, actually...) then bummed around the house and watched Ironman and Wolverine late into the night once Justen realized that I was WAY out of touch with Marvel Movies. I think I may have found a new obsession. (geez, and I call B a geek...)

Had breakfast with the gang at the Eggery at an oh-so-perky 7 am, said a quick hello to Daddy at the airport this morning as we crossed paths going in/coming out, then boarded a plane, bus, train and cab to get home. (B is toughing it out at the DMV today. He's on hour 3 or so?)

I can't say happy it makes me to just hang out with these amazing friends-slash-family. The opportunity to workout at the gym with my sister and watch multiple based-on-the-comic-book movie with best friends was amazing. It's the kind of trip that reminds me of how loved I am, even when circumstances sometimes feel otherwise.

Excited to be home but already missing my sis and best friend. It's gonna be a busy week, though... stay tuned!

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  1. You're going going back back to Cali Cali!