Monday, October 18, 2010

let's get it on.

Not that way, dirty!


Got it on today!

1. Was awake and productive by 8:30 despite waking up to a migraine at 2 am. Suck a toe, migraine!

2. Got my stiff-leg deadlift on. Got my full deadlift on. Got my stairmill on. Suck a toe, gravity! You shall have no hold on my tushy!

3. Portabello "steaks," roasty-toasty sweet potato chunks and steamed green beans for dinner... all from local, organic farmers at the Farmer's Market. Suck a toe, pesticide-laden grocery store produce!

4. Passed the diagnostic practice test for Friday's exam after discovering a second textbook on Friday and a combined total of 2 weeks of studying. Big sigh of relief and cheap red wine all around!! No one has to suck a toe!

No lover-ly photos to share with you today, but I will leave you with a thought.

The re-learning I've done of another organization's PT methods has been a good refresher and a new perspective on my job. I was reminded today that teaching self-efficacy is the most important factor in setting up a personal training client for success.


Put simply: having faith in yourself is the most powerful motivator for change. No amount of self-deprivation, self-hatred or negative self-talk will ever get you as far as believing in your ability.

So when you're feeling icky and your next workout seems impossible, that tough presentation at work presentation is looming or it's time to tackle an obstacle that seems insurmountable:

Build on your last success and believe in your next triumph.

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