Friday, August 27, 2010

California! (but first... Nevada...)

We are officially Californians!! We signed the lease on our apartment yesterday and are currently sprawled on the floor, laptops smoking and Craigslist servers overloading while we look for furniture.

(Tried to post yesterday, but Days Inn internet wasn't having any of it... SO...)

We drove in to California through the Tahoe National Forest, and it was with some happy tears and an open window that I blasted Mason Jennings and crossed the state line, surrounded by craggy rocks and pine trees.

We spent a few hours in Reno before finishing the drive, pretty much sick of driving, and too intrigued after the events of the previous evening to just 'up and leave'.

So we sat on the banks of the Truckee River Whitewater Park, soaking up sun, listening to the water and unashamedly laughing at the crazies. SO pretty, but quite possibly the Weirdest. Town. Ever. Threats and heckling from crazy local river-dwellers (garnered by well-meaning smiles, no less) were outstripped by the scenery.

BUT, a fun town, and it was really nice to take a break before finishing the last leg of the trip.

and we are here!

Awoke yesterday morning at 5:00 am to banging on the hotel room door, a wonderful Days Inn employee informing us that a trucker was about to have our U-Haul towed because (despite 8 other semi trucks exiting the premises) he couldn't get out of the parking lot. An uneventful day henceforth was welcome, to say the least...

Especially after washing the breakfast smoothie blender in the shower for the last week...

it was so wonderful to sign the lease on our new place!

Mr. and Mrs. J are home!

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