Monday, August 23, 2010

South Dakota, Part I

Rather than taking off Saturday morning, we spent the day at Grandma's, napping and catching up.

SO. Driving Day 2 stats for Sunday:

States Completed: Wisconsin, Minnesota and part of South Dakota
Miles Driven: 711 mi
Hours Driven: 12.3 hrs
Average Speed: 52.4 mph

(Thanks to high winds toward the Badlands, we drove the trailer at a mind blowing 45 miles per hour for the last 50 miles to Wall, South Dakota. Clearly, this thrilled me.)

Highlights from Day 2:

Tiny people statues worshiping a giant cow head... Farm Country, SD

Corn Palace... Mitchell, SD

Yes. That is a segway. Made of corn. ... Mitchell, SD

B found the world's largest popcorn ball, a rootbeer milkshake (no. not a float. a milkshake, which apparently is proof that there is a god... and he is shaped like a cow head and worshiped by tiny people...) and corn-on-the-cob on a stick. The Corn Palace was declared as success based on concessions alone.

We're hitting up the World Famous Wall Drug (note: there is a sign for Wall Drug at 355 miles from the exit... not much to advertise in SD farm land, apparently) and the Badlands, then heading to Mount Rushmore. Back with photos!

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  1. Looks like a steer to me.
    btw -- do you know that the time stamp on your last post and this one is the same?