Sunday, August 29, 2010

Yes. (Again. For Real.)

Somewhere between duct taped shower curtains (yes. for real.) and $3.oo wine (yes. again.) I took a quick trip to Big Sur, California. And had a few moments that made me remember, yet again, why we packed up our lives, drove for 5 days, and put a lot of faith in our dreams.

Mom was in the new home state for a work-thingy and I jumped on the opportunity to pick her up at the airport to spend some quality time. Tarragon Pea Soup was consumed. Garden shops were browsed. Afternoon tea was had. Overwhelming gratitude took over.

(Then I realized I DID have a camera with a functional SD card, despite all odds...)

I made the 45 minute drive to Big Sur from Monterey, not really looking for anything in particular.

And I found Me.

In a place so beautiful it's almost painful, it was a gift to just sit on the rails of a random vehicle pull-off and watch the surf hit the ragged coastline.

Take photos and write in a journal.

Just Be.

I was struck, again, by a sense of endless possibilities and hope. Of "Future is as Future Does" to quote (yes. again.) Mason Jennings, and I drove back home, hit with the same sensation I get after a particularly kick-booty Savasana.

(Until I realized that the mega-produce stand in Moss Hill was open at 9:30 pm. And selling organic baby heirloom tomatoes for $1.50/carton. And avocados 3 for $1. And organic seedless grapes for $0.79/lb. Then the drive ground to a halt to allow for mass produce purchase totaling $6.00.)

For those of you wondering what the hell we were thinking, moving to California in the middle of the worst economy in more than 20 years? (Aside from organic produce and hilariously emo self-portraits) I leave you with this:

That's what I thought.


  1. Smiles all around. So happy for you.

  2. wow thats gorgeous, so glad your on this side of the us

  3. Well, you just made me cry. Good for you, girl. The world is your oyster!

  4. You can choose to live doing and being the things you want to be (this would be called the pursuit of a dream), OR you can choose to live your life on the sidelines, telling yourself that Someday I'll...(which quickly turns to "I should have..."). We are on the side of "doing and being" and stand up tall here on the east coast looking westward and applauding your strength, your courage and your dreams. Barb and I love you both; we stand in awe at you; and we pray that you continue to make new dreams, never rest until you're old and feeble (like me) and even then, be thinking about discovering what lies over the next horizon

  5. Seriously sweetheart, there was no better way to begin a 70's throwback week than to start it with you, my burgeoning little hippie. Thought of you at every meal (all organic, all the time), and at every opportunity I had to look at the beauty of the ocean before and the mountains behind. The best moment of your life is now, and I celebrate it with you.