Monday, August 16, 2010

i'll look back on this and laaaaugh...

injuries: 3
illnesses: 1
migraines: 0
breakdowns: 1/2

injuries: 0
illnesses: 1
migraines: 1
breakdowns 0

Despite the creeping (hacking, coughing nasty) crud contracted courtesy of US Airways and a passenger near you, we are both packing like fools. All in all, it's going pretty well, and spirits were lifted by a wonderful dinner at the Fish Market with some wonderful friends last night.

Thank You!

Must eat. Must pack. Must get the heck out of this disaster and get on the road. But first!

A quick photo montage of the chaos:

Seriously. We can't rent a cargo van to drive cross-country? SERIOUSLY!?

Makeshift desk as we have no furniture left

Packing up the fish sauce... and Curious George... and the Old Bay. We eat adventurously.

Buried in boxes.

Lots of love to all our friends and family! We'll be in CA soon and expect to see your smiling faces come visit us!

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