Saturday, August 21, 2010

Made it to Madison!

Ain't he got a cute tush? I stared at it all day yesterday!

Day 1 Stats:

States Completed: Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois
Miles Driven: 878 mi
Hours Driven: 16.2 hrs
Average Speed: 56.3 mph


Shout out to Amy and the McWhirters!
(It was too dark to take a picture of the Milwaukee exit... hi, Lara and Mike!)

One Hundred, Eleven Thousand, One Hundred Eleven Miles!

We actually left on Thursday night at about 9 pm and got a few hours under our belt ...

Good Bye 2610!

From the balcony - the Patent Office is under his armpit on the right

Sionara 2610!

The U-Haul that is too big because the van was too small and U-Haul apparently doesn't sell trailers that somewhere between "take your tea set" and "move your elephant"

We're holed up at Grandma Strong's right now, trying to catch up after such a long day yesterday. The raging head cold I so conveniently caught 4 days ago is finally subsiding... but we didn't make it to Madison until 1:15 this morning, so we're moving a bit slow. We should hit the road again before this afternoon. Next big milestone: Denver!


  1. we drove DC to Minneapolis in July, this stretch of road looks familiar to me! Fun to follow, thanks for sharing - it's what I would have done if I weren't juggling two little ones along the way :P

  2. Holla!

    Snapping photos while driving? Anne, you're so bad!

  3. Johnstown - I see that sign -