Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Life Altering

I keep looking down and marveling at the extra band of white gold on my left hand... I am still in awe that I have been blessed with a husband who knows that it's par for the course when I walk into walls (happened yesterday), thinks it's entertaining that I get a little tipsy off one vodka martini (also happened yesterday) and who thinks that $0.50 McDonald's ice cream cones merits the consumption of three (count them: three!) of them in less than 15 minutes.

totally wiped but ready to party!

We're here in Las Vegas for a little pre-honeymoon after two weeks of best friends, wonderful family and our beautiful wedding. And at 7:30 am (so wrong) I am awake and feeling the weightlessness of freedom that comes with the opportunities we have as start our life as a new family.

In other news: Las Vegas has changed my world view. A man named Victor with a sweaty, bald head actually brought me 4 egg whites, 2 whole wheat (real whole wheat! with chunks!) pancakes and a pile of fresh fruit (that did not include un-ripe melon. what is this place?!) ... at Denny's. Yup. I am no longer a Denny's Hater. Thank you, Sin City.

A little pool time later...

We ate dinner at Aureole at Mandalay Bay last night and had probably the best dining experience we have ever had. We were somehow seated in a private seating area with our own patio and handed a price fixe 3-course menu at $85 a plate... but the staff was amazingly gracious and accommodating when we re-started Brian's heart and asked for a 'normal' menu.

A glass of Petite Sirah and a life changing dish of seared salmon with spinach coulis and chantarelle mushrooms later... bliss. Seriously folks. Nirvana. A chocolate experience for dessert and we wandered around in a haze until we found a cocktail lounge at the Luxor that was offering 2-for-1 call drinks (!) Best. Night. Ever.

Learning to shoot craps today!

More gratuitous wedding photos...

10 min before the ceremony and he is installing software!?

Best Friend makin' bouquet!

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  1. Vegas Baby!!

    No, I refuse to believe that you got a healthy meal at Dennys. Maybe you can take me there when we're in the same place again... Do you think they have Dennys in Costa Rica?