Monday, August 9, 2010

I'm gonna stay away from LA...

We came to a rather unexpected consensus yesterday that Brian and I almost prefer Northern California Beaches to Southern California beaches... they don't require sunburns, crowds or that awkward, self-deprecating bikini-clad comparison thing that all girls do at beaches (don't deny it...) and are, instead, just a place of raw beauty. The kind of place you can curl up with a book and a cup of tea and just feel at ease, even when it's foggy and cool.

Case in point: Monterey, California

Probably one of the most beautiful places I've ever been... and the sun was only out for 2 hours of our trip.

(Those are kelp forests behind us)

While I've been struggling a bit with the string of hotel rooms and lack of routine (and resulting lack of room in my fave CK jeans...) this is shaping up to be a truly amazing time in our lives together.

get it? lover points?

It is such a fun feeling to be a 'newlywed' with a new home to pack up and move into, and to have the freedom to stop and buy $1/lb cherries at a road side stand just because we feel like it. (Then eat the whole pound because "we're on vacation!" See also: lack of room in CK jeans.) Or follow Angela (our GPS) through unsafely fast left hand turns into small-town Thai restaurants because B is suddenly starving.

I am so excited to move our new life together here. I am constantly struck by the thought that this is our home now. And I feel so blessed by it.

We're off to do some hiking and beach-dwelling! It's still cloudy and cool today... good thing we brought cozy hoodies and a couple of great books.


  1. I am SO SO glad you love california, and northern at that. it makes me happy. truly. i have no desire to live there anymore, but, i can live vicariously through you. maybe i just feel comfy with you in my stompin' grounds :D follow my blog!

  2. Your GPS has a cooler name than mine. Mine is Jane, boring, but she has a British accent..."In 5 miles, take the motorway South."