Saturday, August 7, 2010

Gonna pack a box of books ...

and my beloved guitar into the back of my truck....and try my luck in California!

Attitude: adjusted courtesy of long-distance love from an amazing friend.

After a day of flailing around, alternating between crying and nagging (cute, right?) - it was time to get back into a routine.

Set my alarm, went for a run, hit up Mecca (Whole Foods) for flowers and real food, and had a proper breakfast consisting of produce. Am a new person! With Gerber Daisies (yes, in my water bottle)!

Two hours later: we found it. 1 bedroom with a loft and a patio. End unit with TONS of windows. 5 minute drive from Downtown Mountain View. Checked out a few more places to be sure that the uber friendly leasing agent hadn't just bewitched us... and we're signing a lease tomorrow!

We celebrated by going for a hike in what might be the most beautiful place we've ever seen.

Brian struck a pose

And we took photos and then some...

Looking for some advice: Where should we vacation now that we've found a home!? Monterey? Big Sur? Santa Cruz? Comment away and help us out!

More adventures to come!


  1. Honduras... duh!

    Brian looks hilarious. Was that his idea or yours?

  2. that was his idea... ha ha!

  3. Big Sur. Take Brian to the hot springs overlooking the Pacific at Esalen. You don't have to be at a workshop to use them, but you do have to at least tolerate the causual attitude towards nudity.