Wednesday, August 11, 2010

grab your nikes...

Got up this morning feeling chipper (despite all odds... $3.33 for a bottle of wine!? Again. I LOVE California!) and took myself out for a run. Did about 3.5 miles down The Alameda in Santa Clara in the sunshine and 70 degrees, feeling truly blessed and wondering if they even allow treadmills in this state.

Feeling fabulous, I showered, chowed my Greek Yogurt and an apple, and dried my hair/put on some make up. Ta da!!

At which point, B awoke from his slumber and announced, "Let's go for a hike!"

My thoughts:

"Seriously?! Oh my poor legs ... "

"Damn it. I just dried my hair."

"Damn it. Damn it. My fave sports bra is soaked in sweat."

"Oh look! My fave running top is clean."

"And I DO have a ponytail holder that isn't totally shot!"

*insert 2.6 minutes on Google*

"What the hell, B!? Aren't you ready to go yet!? I found this awesome trail!"

So we hiked.

Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve : sunny, breezy and hella full of hills.

I have no idea how far we actually hiked as we did pieces of 2 or 3 trails, but at one point, we could see all the way to San Fransisco from the top of our mountain.

Dirty. Sweaty. Sun-Drenched. Amazement.

2 hours of hard labor behind us (plus my morning run, my pride insists I add) we hit up Trader Joes for some Salads for lunch and frozen Channa Masala for dinner.

God bless Joe and his healthy, cheap prepared foods cornucopia of goodness. And Days Inn for a fridge so cold it doubles as a freezer.

A nap. A great convo with mama.
A book. *le sigh*

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